Dystopian Health Collection

All Our Stories of Our Dystopian Health Collection in One Bundle

Author: Bel Richardson, Frank Pettingill and Martin R.J. Duncan

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About the Book

The Dystopian Health Collection is a Short Story Series with health as the common theme set in dystopian societies. Explore with Mad Robots how good intentions can go wrong.

The anthology includes the stories:


A Tiny Health Robot Becomes Sentient and Is Turning Its Masters Life Upside Down Or Is It Just Following its Programming?

The Department of Health and Wellbeing releases its newest invention for your health. Your personal health service robot - Equilibrium.

And everyone wants to invest in one's health, right?

Certainly, Marcus did, and so he bought Equilibrium.

Marcus Cheng beheld the little box with curiosity. He adored opening new things. There was nothing like making a knick in the smooth protective plastic of a new product. Opening the box. Taking out the glossy instruction manual. Reading it thoroughly before removing the device from is packaging and turning it on for the first time. Feeling it become a part of his life. He’d been one of the first lining up when the store opened, and he’d paid in full. Anything with the kind of reviews that this had received so early on by tech testers was worth investing in.

Please Comply

Remember citizens, sticking to the Norm isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the country

As a citizen, you got your health implant early in life. Measuring your health is good for you and the country. Stick to the norm and all will be fine. If you deviate ... punishment is awaiting you.

Poor Rachel didn't stick.

There was a knock at the door.


magine you can modify your genes and get a better person instantly? What would you do to have access to this technology?

Emma is poor and dreams of a better life; a life with gene modification and endless possibilities.

The sound of cheap sneakers against wet concrete bounced sharply off the walls of the alleyway.

Halt! Freeze! Stop running dammit! A heavier set man in uniform hollered into the alley between heavy breaths.

'it's too late sucka!' Emma thought as she rounded the next corner. Another left then right then left again, and Emma would be home free. As she turned this particular corner, the wall almost seemed to jump out and grab hold of both arms.


Imagine your future is already set even before you are born? A system where EVERYONE has access to your medical files

William B. Miller was different and he experienced that early in life. How will he cope with a society which stores everything about him?

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