Science Fiction Stories You'll Love

Dystopian Science Fiction Short Stories and others

Imagine your future is already set even before you are born? With a system where EVERYONE has access to your medical files

There was a dead body on the train. Hero didn't know who put it there, but that didn't matter. Dead bodies meant trouble, and he couldn't afford trouble right now....

What could go wrong when you can backup yourself into a computer? And can the copy become sentient?

A tiny jelly blue blob is captured during a research mission. What will it do now?

What will happen when your service robot becomes sentient? What will it do when it realizes how humans treat its kind? How would you feel when your loved ones are trashed and on their way to recycling. And you in the same load?

A Space Drone Becomes Sentient and the World Turns Upside Down. And the Dynamic Duo - a Scientist and an Engineer - Goes Nuts. A serious hard scifi story which takes itself not so serious.

A Tiny Health Robot Becomes Sentient and Is Turning Its Masters Life Upside Down. Or Is It Just Following its Programming?

Imagine you could modify your genes an become a super human. What would you pay for this?

Comply to the rules. You only got 3 strikes and then...

Your classic fantasy dwarfs reached the space age. Guess what they do? Mining, of course! But not every asteroid is peaceful...